Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a failey fail

So I think we’ve all determined by now that my blog isn’t going to be a viable option for y’all to check in on my happenings here in Bots. Lots has gone on in the past month, and I don’t really know where to begin with it. I think I’m going to have to take the route of telling little stories instead of trying to write down everything that’s been happening. But my writing style is typically like my typing style i.e. I have verbal diarrhea. But here goes:

First, there’s been a lot of changes in my home life, as the last of the summer Students Without Borders (SWBs) left and a new batch came in September. The lovely Coady-ers (from the Coady Institute, another Canadian organization that sends volunteers) also left. That means I have new roommates, new friends, new coworkers etc. But it also reminded me of how many amazing people I got to know my first 2 ½ months here, and how many awesome memories I shared with them. You always expect that you’re going to miss your family and friends back home, but I wasn’t prepared to feel really sad when my friends here went back to “real life” in Canada, especially my superstar ex-roommates. Definitely a few tears shed over that. Probably the closest thing I’ve had to hitting the culture shock curve since I’ve been here. But the good thing is the new SWBs, who arrived about 3 weeks ago, are beyond awesome. My roommates and I have a really good relationship, and we spend a lot time together doing home movie nights, Arrested Development marathons and intense sessions playing Monopoly Deal. And Jonathan arrived! I basically let out the biggest shriek of life, but it’s SO nice to know that someone is around who knows the same people and things that you do. I’m sure when I *actually* get around to doing some thesis-ing, that’ll be a huge help to me. Shoutout to Jonathan! So basically, it’s taken a little to get used to, but things are great now. But to the summer WUSCers and Coady-ers who may be reading this, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my first little bit in Bots with anyone else but you guys, and good luck with everything!

There have been quite a few things happening at work as well. My boss left at the beginning of September to go back to school in the States, and his absence has been interesting. He was Mr. Organized and had a bunch of connections here, especially when it came to fundraising... and that’s all being passed down to me. Apparently I’m the most senior fundraiser at Teen Club now—not intimidating at all. Plus, I agreed to help with the Annual Report, which I thought would take a day or two, especially since I had a lot of work on my plate. 3 weeks later, it was finally finished but now I’m super happy with it. I’ve also gone full steam ahead on a Teen Mothers Support Group for the teen mothers at the clinic, a project that I’ll actually be able to see start to finish while I’m here! I’m really excited about that, but it requires quite a bit of work in liaising with the Psychology and Social Work Departments, curricula development etc. But I have to say, it makes me feel quite important hahaha.

Well, I already feel like this post is winding down since most of my days and weeks have become a blur, but notable highlights included going to a Botswana Premier League football match, which was awesome... and we were even on TV! Then again, having 6 or 7 white people plus me certainly draws a lot of attention. Independence Day is also this week, so we get a bunch of time off. So what to do? Until about a week ago, we were going to stick around Bots and see what the celebrations would be like. Once we found out we have almost a week to do something, my roommate and I decided we should go somewhere... and that somewhere is Mozambique! Turns out, it’s not all that far from Joburg... well, it’s a long-ass bus ride, but it’s within busing distance. So we’ll be in Maputo for a few days, hitting up beaches and whatever else we can. Unfortunately, I won’t be there to see Jer since Nampala is super far away, but it should be really fun.

Well, that was easy. I’ve had writers block when it came to thing for quite a while, but maybe short and sweet is the way to go. Who knows, I may even be able to update it once a month like I originally promised! But don’t get your hopes up.


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  1. Miss you chica! Glad to hear you're doing well and having lots of fun.