Friday, April 16, 2010

Back... again

Okay... I'm back. So I've decided that instead of reading for my class, I will update all of you lovely readers on my happenings and what's been going on placement-wise.

In mid-March, I got an offer with the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Center of Excellence (a mouthful, I know) in the capital city of Gaborone. That is pronounced HA-BA-RO-NAY for all the people who didn't know that... see? I taught you something new today. Unfortunately, Botswana has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world, and it's been completely destroying human capital in the country. Gaborone in particular is hit pretty hard. Anyways, the clinic focuses on HIV testing, treatment and counselling for children and youth under the age of 19. What I be working on is mostly the development of a Teen Club, a counselling group for teens who have been born HIV-positive. One of the campaigns I'll be involved in revolves around Multiple Sexual Partnerships, so I'll be (hopefully) be involved in the development of this project. I know a little here and there, but that's the gist of it.

Okay, now I feel like I should be getting back to studying, but here's what to expect from my blog. For all those who know me, you probably know I'm not the most formal or eloquent of people, so why do so on my blog? That wouldn't make sense... in fact, that would be me hiding who I am... and I hate hypocrites. So if you're expecting modern-day Jane Austen-type entries like Hridi's or sassy and satirical entries like Josh's, you might as well leave right now. BUT what you'll get with me is a big dose of reality plus a little bit (re: a lot) of funny. If I completely wipe out or something really odd happens to me, chances are I'll post it on here. Imagine if I got a sunburn or something? That would definitely be post-worthy (at least for me). I WILL do your eyes a favour though and keep things GRAMMATICALLY (thanks, Niv) correct... this isn't facebook after all, and I'm worried about the children.

So I will keep you guys updated as much as I can through the preparation and when I actually land in Gaborone, and let's see how good this thing works out.

Until then... shine on, my friends!


P.S. I totally feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now, it's kind of awesome.

P.S.S. And for future reference, if anyone tries to take and/or copyright the epic-ness that I'm sure will arise from this blog, I will reach my arm across the Atlantic Ocean and slap you.

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